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Thread: Many Red and Reddish Ducks at WRL

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    Default Many Red and Reddish Ducks at WRL

    <img src="" alt="" border="0"><br>
    This is an enlarged detail of a much wider shot of red and reddish and other ducks at White Rock Lake yesterday. I saw them when I was following a Cormorant and Pelican Fishing Party, and I should have got more detailed shots of these, but they were far out on the lake. And there were probably four times as many ducks as are in this picture.<br>
    My friend Kala King, who often helps me with bird identifications emailed me this information: "Looked at your enlarged portion. I have never seen such a mix. I see both male and female lesser scaups, male and female redhead ducks, male and female American wigeons, and a male pintail. Probably more in there but all that could be positively identified with this photo."<br>
    <br>Now, I have to go back through my photos and see if I any more detail shots. If I find more, I'll post them on my Amateur Birder's Journal at <br><br><br>Amateur JR<br>

    Not sure why this forum is messing up my text, but I hope you can't see it.

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    Default Re: Many Red and Reddish Ducks at WRL

    Quite a few Redhead and Ring-necked Ducks moving through right now in early November. On the Chris Runk bird walk 10/29 (WRL Dam and fish hatchery) we picked some of those species out rafting in the middle of White Rock Lake. I saw some 10/22 at Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant and 10/20 at a private club off Dowdy Ferry. Similar sized group spotted this past weekend 11/5 in a gravel pit off Loop 12. Generally speaking they are seen in fall and spring during migration but they don't seem to linger in Dallas for the duration of the winter.

    I can't see your photos you attempted to post JR. But can see the photo you posted on your website. A couple wigeon in the foreground, majority of Redhead ducks with some Ring-necked ducks. Possible scaup or two as well but hard to tell.

    --Ben Sandifer

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