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    I photographed this bird up in "The Bowl" at Guadalupe Mountains NP on 7/26, thinking it was a Gray Flycatcher. However, when I posted my list on to eBird, it was omitted apparently do to misidentification. After double checking, I realized that the wingbars do not really line up with the G.F. in my fieldguide. In retrospect, I believe this bird is also too large to be an Empid (guess I really bombed this one). So what is it? Unfortunately, the beak is mostly hidden behind a twig.
    [IMG]DSCN1628 by Jason Fisher, on Flickr[/IMG]

    I have sent an inquiry email to eBird, but thought that you guys might be able to respond a little quicker.
    Thanks in advance!!!

    More studying done, and I think I have answer my own question: Plumbeous Vireo?

    My inquiry has been answered by eBird, and it is a Plumbeous. I new they are common in this area, I just wasn't expecting a vireo to be this big-basically the size of a Hermit Thrush.
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    To me it's Plumbeous.

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