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Thread: Who Is This Bird at WRL's Upper Spillway?

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    Sorry, Bird-Chatters.

    By the time I got the pictures in just perfect, and everything correctly spelled, I figured out what I really had was a Great Blue Heron illuminated by the setting sun, so it's brown instead of gray, and its neck feathers were wet, so they bunched up. I'll post the pics, which I really like, on my Amateur Birder's Journal @ probably Tuesday July 18.

    We amateurs always always really want to have found something rare, when what we are actually seeing is something rather ordinary. Ideally, I would just delete the post, but I don't know how to do that, and I probably couldn't if I knew how, because I'm not Betsy, the Administrator of Bird Chat.

    So, for awhile, I left "Who" and "oops" here, without the explanation just above.

    My bad.

    Amateur JR
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    Default Re: Who Is This Bird at WRL's Upper Spillway?

    I think everyone in here can relate.
    Kaptured by Kala

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