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    I had high hopes to make flight photos of a pair of scissor-tailed flycatchers. The female had bad tail feathers and was not a good subject. The male was perfect. But after about a week, the male
    was no longer photogenic. Two primary feathers in the middle of his right wing were missing but he could still fly. So I only got a few photos before the male was damaged.

    They had a nest in a small tree and raised two babies.

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    Fantastic shots. If you got those at Winfreys, I wonder if those babies were the ones I saw sitting on the wire and being fed by a parent this week.
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    These were in the DART parking lot near my blue bird box. It seems that fly catchers are nesting late this year? I tried to photograph some at WRL, but then I noticed that the male at WRL had a broken off tail feather. So I gave up on that one too. Tough luck. I ended up doing quite a bit of wild flower photography at WRL.

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    Ok, that makes sense because there were 3 fledglings on the wire, not two, that I saw. They are not the only ones nesting late. I've been observing a late killdeer nest and 2 of the 3 eggs hatched yesterday, third was not viable. Kind of late for killdeer.
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    Thats interesting to know Kala. At first I thought that the birds would take advantage of the early warm start to the year. But I can also imagine it could be really confusing to the birds. I know that daylight length is important, but, I'll bet some birds are more affected than others by these mixed season signals.

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    I think the culprit that messed up the scissor-tailed flycatcher is this Kestrel. The male flycatcher was real protective of the nestlings. I saw him chase after the kestrel. At first, the kestrel tried to get away. Then, the kestrel decided, 'hey, I am as nimble in the air as this dude'. Then the kestrel started chasing the flycatcher. It was an even match. (or not)

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    The raptors seemed to nest early this year. The famous Sunset Bay barred owls fledged several weeks earlier than they had the past 2 years and the red-shouldered and coopers nests I watched last year were both on an earlier schedule this year.
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