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    This was a very fun bird to photograph. It actually produced 2 broods. By the time the second brood of nestlings left the nest, there were Phoebes all over the place flying in a wooded meadow area near the parking lot. I would say about 10 fledglings and the two adults. They were very tame and tolerated me very well as I tried to get close to make photographs. Most have dispersed by now, but I still am seeing a few now and then.

    It was amazing that this racoon never knew the birds were also using the same living space. The nestlings never made a sound when the parents arrived to feed them.

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    Wonderful collection of images with some great poses by your subjects.


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    Thanks Larry.

    I think I am done with the heat, fire ants, chiggers and ticks for the year. But...

    I have noticed a lot of humingbirds out at this place. So I put up about three humingbird feeders. For whatever reason, I have not seen any adult males. I do not know why.

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    Thanks Chris for some nice clicks. Last photo and its caption about racoon is amazing.

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