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    Default Other birds that showed up

    Over the period of time spent photographing the blue birds, other birds came and went in that same area.

    I spooked this common nighthawk when I was hanging a bird feeder in a wooded area. Actually there was two of them. But they were right back after flying around for a while.

    A red tailed hawk often came overhead. This is not the hawk that was after the bluebirds.

    A western kingbird tossing a grasshopper

    an ash-throated flycatcher

    Eastern Phoebe

    probably my favorite bird. scissor-tailed flycatcher

    white-winged dove

    northern cardinal

    yellow crowned night heron pair.

    painted bunting

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    I have no idea what this is. Only got off one shot before it flew away.

    This is where all the photos were made. Note the yellow crowned night herons. I was putting all my stuff away and about to leave when they flew overhead and landed
    on the lamp posts.

    There is a creek running back in the wooded area. My field guide said that Phoebes like that. They took a lot of baths and I had to wait for them to dry off to take their
    photos. The painted bunting sings at the top of those trees. The grassy areas are jam packed with fire ants, chiggers and ticks.

    Other critters came along . . . .

    One day it rained till noon

    So turtles started prowling around the parking lot. I wonder how they ever find their way back to water?
    Assuming they don't know what they are doing, I took them to a large pond in las Colinas

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    Unknown bird looks like a juvenile blue grosbeak, very cool find, still on my bucket list.

    Normally I would think the turtles were females looking for a spot on land to lay eggs but that first turtle has me on the fence, it looks like a young alligator snapper with the ridges on its back. Too young for egg laying. And the second turtle is an older male melanistic red-eared slider, wrong gender for laying eggs.
    Kaptured by Kala

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    I did not know what the last turtle was. I expected it to be a red eared slider, but it looked different. I am certain it was a female that was nesting. I say female because it had rather short toenails on its forearms, and the plastron was not the least concave.

    The snapper is a real mystery. It was maybe 6 months old. Why leave the water? I did very little exploring in the wooded area. I only know that there was a creek back there. But it seems to me the turtles would require a more substantial body of water. Its scary back in the woods. I found encampments back there where homeless people live, so I got the heck out.

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    I believe only older male red-eared sliders get that melanistic color. Here is an article I found:
    Kaptured by Kala

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    While waiting for birds to show up, and waiting, and waiting, I photographed dragonflies. There was a creek nearby, and a large selection of dragonflies.

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    Here is one I have never seen before. Note the huge legs. Almost looks like a grasshopper

    It did not behave like the others. It flew close to the ground, and did not return to the same perch when it left. It simply flew away and was gone for good. No chance to follow it.
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    That last one is a male Flag-tailed Spinyleg Dromogomphus spoliatus. Congrats, I've not seen one yet
    Kaptured by Kala

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