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    It's getting pretty late into the afternoon and there's been no sign of her. I read that RTHB's will sometimes feed nestlings at one nest while incubating eggs in another. I would like to think this is what's happening, but her time between disappearances is getting longer and longer at about the time when this egg should be hatching.

    Sad to report that she left her nest and egg. Hanging there right over my driveway. Wish I could have shared a happier outcome with those of you reading, but it was not to be. One interesting note, it was two days ago that I saw her defending her "area" from a male Ruby-throated. Could that have been part of the reason for her departure? What ever the case, it seemed far from an ideal location for a nest of any sort.
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    Never seen a Hummingbird Nest. Lucky one.

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