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Thread: Blue bird nest season is now over

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    Default Blue bird nest season is now over

    Each year I put up nest boxes for eastern bluebirds. I put up three boxes back in late February when I noticed a male standing at the top of a light post singing. He was there each morning in the DART parking lot as I arrived to head on out to work downtown on the light rail commuter. Eventually he attracted a female.

    and they began using one of my boxes around mid March.

    All was going well for them for a while.

    This turned out to be the last photo I made of the female. Each day I noticed a smallish hawk of some sort in the area. So I assume that is what happened to her.

    So now the male was the sole provider. But he did just fine. There seemed to be a glut of insects available, but he had to make double the trips now. That was actually

    good for me since it gave me a lot more chances to try and make photos of him. I never did open up the box to see how many nestlings there were.

    He came back with more kinds of bugs than crickets, but it seems I never could get the luck to have a good photo when that happened.

    While I was busy photographing the male bluebird in the parking lot, something weird caught my eye. Did I just see a little bird fly out of a storm sewer?

    It was an Eastern Phoebe. And it was building a nest in the storm drain.

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    Wow, fantastic shots, beautiful birds, sorry about the mom.
    Kaptured by Kala

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    Thanks Kala.

    I never got a good look at the hawk even though I saw it fly past everyday, usually with a few barn swallows in hot pursuit. Once while the male bluebird (who was a single parent by now) was sitting in a tree with a bug in his mouth, the hawk came out of nowhere from off to the side. It was an incredibly close call. The blue bird did an evasive flight straight up into the sky, then veered off. The hawk was too big to change directions and did not follow.
    Eventually the nestlings were ready to leave the nest box. Also around this time the male was beginning to sing and try to attract a new female while at the same time bringing bugs to the box. By luck I was on hand to witness the fledglings leave the box. 5 new bluebirds left the box. So they would have all perished if the hawk had caught the male. Of course, I have no Idea if any of the fledglings survived living in that area anyway. The male never did attract a replacement female and so the nest box was not used again even though there was still plenty of time for a second brood.

    Also around this time I was shifting my attention to the Eastern Phoebe that was bringing food to its nest in the storm drain.

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    Default Re: Blue bird nest season is now over


    Very cool Bluebird BIFs!


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    waiting for the next season's update.I love this blue bird for their exceptional colors and beauty.

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