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    I had intended to do some yard work this morning, which means I have to tackle the poison ivy and a couple of other nasties. This is not fun once the mosquitos realize that there's enough of me to feed each and every mosquito in our neighborhood. Anyways, after I brought a bunch of poison ivy down to the front, got myself cleaned up a bit, I see this out of my window:

    See the copperhead on the railroad tie?

    This makes the third one we've found in our yard in the last year and a half-one every six months. I relocated the first one to a large nearby greenspace. I killed the second one (as a safety precaution, due to family members in the vicinity). I wasn't sure which approach would be the best for this fellow. Initially, I resigned to let it go on about its business and control other pests which inevitably live in the area. After a couple of minutes I began to have second thoughts. This was easily the largest of the three, and seeing how well it can hide in the brush, I decided I better go ahead and relocate that puppy....otherwise I might never be brave enough to work in the backyard again! Gotta love living near a creek. Bobcats and coyotes have also been seen around here somewhat recently.

    There's a Birding connection to all of this. While I was literally holding my rake above the snake in an effort to scoop it into my barrel, I hear the sound of a Yellow-billed Cuckoo. Yep, not a cricket decoy or my imagination, that had to have been the soft clucking of the cuckoo. That makes yardbird #46. Sorry, no pics or anything of that nature (I went ahead and added it after seeing that the species is at its highest frequency for Dallas County at this point of the year). As one might expect, that totally made me lose focus on the poisonous snake I was wrangling. I regrouped and then got into the ol' cat and mouse. Thank goodness I was the cat.
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    I'm unable to see your photos. Can you please recheck?

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