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    During December, January and February I enjoyed a good supply of these birds at my thistle feeders. Then they just quit coming so I thought that was the end of it. Not even any scragglers showed up, just shutoff like a water tap. I took down the thistle feeder and put back up a tube type with black oil. This morning I saw an goldfinch on the feeder and was glad to see it. I couldn't tell if it was actually eating the black oil seed or just picking at it. Are they known to eat black oil? If not, just in case I am going to put up the thistle feeder again. I have four other tube feeders with black oil that I keep full. During the winter I could count as many as forty birds at a time. Then when they decided to leave it was like an alarm sounded. Where did they go and now that they have returned do you think they will be in the winter type numbers again and for how long? Or just passing thru?

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    The Goldfinches normally arrive in north texas sometime in November & remain until sometime in May.As you noticed they do leave the feeders in March to feed on the buds of many different trees to obtain carotenoids which helps them obtain their brilliant yellow breeding plumage.They will eat oil sunflower,nyjer,sunflower chips & some other seeds as well.Unfortunately, they do not nest in Texas and usually are all gone by the end of May.Although, I have seen them as late as early June.They are very late nesters and wait until the flowers up north have gone to seed in which they feed their young.This is an unusual trait as most seed eating birds feed thier young insects .Anyway,hope this answers some of your questions.


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    Thank you for the reply. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. I did notice that the one male I saw this morning had a more intense coloring than the ones I saw ealier in the year.

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    Thanks for that info. Last weekend I saw several American Goldfinches at Bob Woodruff in Plano, south side of Park rd. under the large trees near where they are building a new pavilion (SSW) of prkg lot and toilets. They were on the ground feeding with the occasional Bluebird. Plumage on several of the males was bright.

    Chuck C.

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    I have been expecting them back at the feeders any time now, in brighter plumage. I stopped feeding thistle several years ago and just put out black oil sunflower. Finches cover it up and hog the feeders.

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    I manage the Wild Birds Unlimited on Lovers Ln and we are starting to get some trickling back in of Goldfinches here at the store.And of course, the Pine Siskins are also still hitting the finch feeders.

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    If anyone out there has never had a chance to visit the store, stop by there. Nice place and nice people.

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