If you're actually interested in birds, please email me at the email address provided in the Contact Us link in the blue bar at the bottom of this page, giving me the username* you'd like to be registered under and the email address to use if it's different from the one you're using to write me, and I'll register you and send you a temporary password. Please put Audubon Registration Request in the subject line of your email -- sometimes emails mistakenly get put into my Trash folder by Yahoo and I don't see them for awhile, so I filter that subject line into my Inbox to prevent that.

I've regretfully had to take this step because of the huge number of spammer wannabees from all over the world that keep trying to get on the site and clutter it up with their noise, which none of us want to see.

Thanks for understanding.....Betsy (the Admin)

* Check the Members List (found from the Community drop down menu in the dark bar near the top of the page -- click on the appropriate initial letter) to make sure your preferred username isn't already in use by someone else.