Please be familiar with and follow the ABA Principles of Birding Ethics, a copy of which can be found on this forum, here:

If you're photographing, please also be familiar with and follow the Nature Photographer's Code of Conduct, which can be found here:


1. Bird Chat is for more than birds

That name is a legacy of older forums that disappeared, but any topic that is of interest or concern to Audubon members and is not specifically provided for by another subforum here is appropriate for Bird Chat. Other creatures, conservation issues, etc., are all suitable topics for the Bird Chat subforum.

2. Please limit width of embedded photos to 1024 pixels

The reason for this is that any associated lines of text will occupy a space just as wide as the photo unless carriage returns are specifically added and it's inconvenient to try to read lines of text that are wider than the average monitor's screen.
Previous discussion: http://www.audubondallas.org/forum/s...ead.php?t=2028

3. Please keep posts about the same topic in the thread it was started in.

"Same topic" means something like a particular raptor's nest; an individual bird, like the Burrowing Owl of winter 2011-2012, or specific birds in a particular location, like the swans of January 2012 whose identification was discussed; a particular concern, such as the tree pruning around the Southwestern Medical Center's heronry or illegal methods of attempting to remove roosting birds from a specific location, etc. It does not mean various visits over time to popular birding locations.

If you refer to something posted in a different thread, it would be a courtesy to provide a link to that thread for the benefit of the reader. You can always edit it in after the fact if you don't think of it before you start a post.

The culture of this forum is different from the cultures of some other forums. It is topic-driven. No one should feel that they "own" a thread they started on this forum.

Remnants of revious discussion:

4. Flaming another person is forbidden, of course.

I'm extremely pleased to report that we've had only one instance of gratuitous nastiness in the past, which was quickly squelched. We who post here do so in a polite and civilized fashion, so this guideline is probably not needed, but just in case, here it is.

5. Advertising/spamming is forbidden as well.

6. Posts should be suitable for viewing by family members of all ages.

This is not intended to interdict photos of such things as raptors eating prey, but the squeamish will doubtless welcome the sorts of advance warnings provided in the past by the photographers who have occasionally posted such photos.

7. Please limit quoting of previous posts to cases where it's actually needed for clarity. Do not quote photographs except in rare, exceptional circumstances, only if it's absolutely necessary.

This is not an especially active forum, so it is usually not necessary to quote a post you're replying to when it's the last post in the thread -- seldom will another post be under construction on the same thread at the same time as yours. Also, if you're replying only to a specific comment in a long post, please delete the rest of the post contained in the quote to make it clear what you're replying to.

8. Use of Birdbanding codes

Probably more forum readers than not are unfamiliar with the four-letter bird banding codes for bird species, as well as with the rules for forming them (which don't even work for all species without resulting in some duplications). So, in the interest of making our posts comprehensible to all, if you wish to use a banding code to save typing a species name repeatedly, please spell out the bird species name, followed by the banding code in parentheses, before using the bird-banding code by itself.

Example: ... the Red-tailed Hawk (RTHA) was soaring....

After this, use of RTHA in that post or thread is fine.

I think that covers it.

Jan 23, 2012
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