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Field trips may be cancelled due to weather or for other reasons, at the discretion of the field trip leader. Notice of last minute changes will be posted, if possible, on the Late-Breaking News forum of the "Bird Talk" page. Be on time because trips will depart at the "meeting" time. Most field trips are free and open to everyone, beginners to veteran birders, however some may have an associated fee which will be indicated. Be sure to dress for the weather and conditions, bring food and drinks as indicated, and be prepared with insect repellent, sun block, and a hat. At press time, possible additional field trips are still in development, so please check the Field Trips page on the website regularly for updates.

NOTE: It is very important that you RSVP for each trip where it is required.

To ensure our members and visitors have maximum opportunities to observe birds and nature, Audubon Dallas, Fort Worth Audubon Society, and Prairie & Timbers Audubon Society have agreed to put links on our Field Trips pages to the web pages of the other chapters. To check out what the other chapters are planning, you can go to these links. Let's go birding!