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7171 Mountain Creek Parkway, Dallas, TX  75249   •   (972) 709-7784

Mail – P O Box 12713, Dallas, TX 75225   •   Hours:  6:30 am – Last light (Dark)   •   Closed Mondays

At an elevation of 633 feet, Cedar Ridge Preserve (formerly the Dallas Nature Center) is a slice of the hill country just 20 minutes from downtown Dallas. Cedar Ridge Preserve is a natural habitat of 600 acres featuring about 9 miles of trails, native trees, grasses and wildflowers, butterfly gardens, limited picnic areas and wild mammals, birds, insects  and reptiles. CRP has been managed by Audubon Dallas since April 2003 by charter from the Dallas County Park & Open Space Program and the City of Dallas. General Rules and Regulations from the Dallas County Park and Open Space Program, click here.


Please be aware that wheeled vehicles of ALL types, including bicycles, are prohibited on the trails. CRP cannot accommodate large groups because there are not a lot of seating, tables, or other picnic equipment.

• We appreciate a donation of $3.00 or more each time you visit. The donation box is near the Education Building.

LOCATION MAP   •    Trail Map   •   Trail Mileage   •    Trail Profile   •   POSSUMHAW Trail Guide    

Closing Time is when it gets DARK, about 30 minutes after sunset. If the sun has set, no one should be starting a hike, and everyone on the trails should be heading toward the parking lot. If you are in the parking lot by dark, or within a few minutes of dark, you won’t be locked in.  The Security Officer is instructed to lock the gate one hour after sunset.


HEAT ADVISORY INFO:  We have measures in place to warn visitors of the danger of the heat. Our policy for heat event response is if a heat index of 110 is forecast, NOAA would release an Excessive Heat Warning, and we will close the preserve.

WEATHER REMINDER:  It takes a lot of rain at Cedar Ridge Preserve for us to even think about closing for weather. We have improved the trails tremendously, with water bars to divert water flow, steps on slippery areas, and have covered almost all exposed dirt with crushed concrete and/or mulch. We had 1.90 inches of rain on Saturday, March 11, yet we had over 1,700 visitors that day. A quick hard shower in the morning, and another in the afternoon, with no effect on hiking. We didn’t hear a single comment about mud.

REMEMBER – we have our own weather station, accessible at…/dashboard…

The phone app shows the rain for the last two days and amount for the current day within CRP. The web site (not the app) has records for every day since the station was put online July 21, 2016. The app also shows times for sunset and last light. Last light (dark) is now our official closing time, with just a few minutes leeway before the gate is locked.






CRP Committee Meetings – Second Fridays, 6:30 p.m.


Conservation in Action Workdays – Third Saturdays, September through May, 9-Noon; June through August, 8-11 a.m.  Habitat Restoration and Trail Maintenance at Cedar Ridge Preserve is on the Third Saturday of every month throughout the year, rain or shine. Volunteers remove non-native plants, restore trails, and work in the butterfly garden. Repairing trails reduces erosion trouble spots and removing non-native plants clears crowded trail edges. We provide snacks, water, pruning shears, shovels, and work gloves. All you need to bring is sun screen and bug repellent. Questions? Contact

Words in the Woods – Poetry, Storytelling and Song – Second Thursdays, 7 p.m. at the Outdoor Stage or in the Education Center in inclement weather.


For questions about educational programming, scheduling a visit by a school group, or planning a Scout project, call 972-709-7784.

Want to help CRP and recycle at the same time?  Save your old printer cartridges and bring them to CRP or to a Program Meeting. 
They will be recycled, and the money benefits CRP!



Birds for CRP 2

 Choose to be a Cardinal, Eastern Bluebird, Painted Bunting, Goldfinch or Black-capped Vireo (Rare Bird)!    CLICK HERE!  



CRP-signBy donating your time and energy you’ll be doing your part in maintaining and improving The Preserve and its outstanding trails. Come lend a hand at our Conservation in Action Workdays.

Please make a donation of $3.00 or more each time you visit. You will find the donation box at the entrance near the Education Building. We appreciate your support!

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A Cedar Ridge Preserve T-shirt, of course!

To get your T-shirts, come to our  Conservation In Action 
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