May 18, 6:30 pm – Join us at Half Price Books - 5803 Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75231

In addition to our Program Presentation (details to come) we Welcome Your Participation in our Request for Nominations to the Board of Audubon Dallas.

Nominations for the election of the Board of Directors of Dallas County Audubon Society, Inc. doing business as Audubon Dallas can be submitted to the Nominations Committee  to Courtney Vanous at or call 214-729-8774. Your attendance at the upcoming meeting is encouraged and appreciated to guarantee a quorum for the election vote.

You may also submit nominations from the floor at the membership meeting. You can nominate yourself or another person. 
The President shall direct, administer and supervise the affairs and the activities of the Society, as its executive officer and presides at all meetings of the Board. Term is one year.
The President-elect shall serve as the next President of the Society. In the absence of, or at the request of the President for whatever reason, the President-Elect shall preside over meetings of the Board. The President-Elect shall become President in the event that the President cannot continue as President. Term is one year plus one year as President.
The Vice President of Conservation shall foster preservation and conservation of the environment and shall keep the members informed of activities and programs that benefit Society's purposes and objections.  Term is two years.
The Vice President of Membership shall be responsible for maintaining a listing of the members of the Society and shall plan and execute such actions deemed appropriate by the Board to inform or strengthen the membership of the Society. Term is two years.
The Vice-President of Programs shall be responsible for the planning and presentation of the periodic meetings of the membership and shall confer with the President in determining program agendas. Term is two years.
The Vice-President of Fundraising shall be responsible for the development and implementation of annual fund-raising plan subject to the approval of, and in connection with, the Board. Such action must serve to strengthen the resources of the Society for the purpose of meeting annual and longer term goals and priorities. Term is two years.
The Treasurer shall deposit all monies and securities in the name and to the credit of the Society in such depositories as may be designated by the Board. For other than ordinary operating expenses contained in an approved budget, the Treasurer shall disburse the funds of the Society only as directed by the Board, at their meeting, or whenever they may direct, and account for all transactions that have transpired and a summary of the financial condition of the Society and shall submit to the members at the Annual Meeting, a report of the financial condition of the Society. Term is two years.
Term is two years. Current openings (10). Directors do not have specific officer type duties but are equal voting members of the Board and are counted along with officers for constituting a quorum. They may be asked to carry out a specific project of which they may have interest and are a source of future officers.
The primary function of an Officer or Director is to attend monthly Board meetings currently held on the Thursday following the first Monday of the month. Attendance is to be in person or by electronic means approved by the President. Board meetings are currently held at the Meadows Conference Center, 2900 Live Oak, Dallas, TX, 75207 from 6:45 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Annual terms commence on June 1 and end on May 31 of the following year. As stated previously terms are for two years except where stated otherwise. An Officer or Director may not serve more than two consecutive terms except the President who is limited to one year.
General Membership Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month, except summer months, from 6:30 to 8:00 P.M. We currently meet at Half Price Books (address above), but it is always good to check the website to verify location. We always have an interesting nature program presented by an expert in a particular field. 
We appreciate your participation. 
Nominations received before the Meeting will be posted on our website  for the vote on May 18, 2017.
Michael R. Millican
President, Audubon Dallas